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Wer ist die Fotze?

Wer ist die Fotze?

Adult Party Game

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How to Play

RULES: Each player starts by picking a character cunt card and placing it in front of them (hidden from the other player).

Player one now asks a question, such as "is your cunt wearing a hat?" and the other player must answer with yes or no. Players take it in turn asking yes or no questions until they can confidently sniff out which cunt the other player selected.

First to guess which cunt the other player is wins!


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Get Ready For The Ultimate Game Night

Sit back and relax while playing Who's The Cunt? at your next house party or bingo night! Ask questions like "Does your cunt look like Jesus" or "Does your cunt look like they need Jesus?" This hilarious tongue-in-cheek board game is perfect as a gift or to keep for yourself!

You never know when you'll need Who's The Cunt?

Almost Too Many Cunts

It's up you to choose between the stinky cunt and the inbred cunt, but with 24 cunts to choose from you will be spoilt for choice every time!

If 24 cunts aren't enough, print out pictures of your friends (or politicians, family members, actors) and play with your own cunts! We won't be offended, we think its more fun this way too.

Don't trust us? Read the reviews!

"Such a funny spin on a favourite childhood game! You can alter your rules and ask ridiculous questions instead of obvious physical/visual ones like “do you think your cu*t has been to jail” or “does your cu*t still live with their parents” - turns the game into an interpreted mess but tears fall with laughter! We have also played charades with the character cards - so good! Actual game itself is made with quality also. -Alanah. E.

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